1923 3-litre Bentley with original Vanden Plas coachwork

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The Bentley is now sold. Thanks to all those who were interested, sorry to those who missed out.

Chassis Number 276, Engine Number 285, Vanden Plas Body Number 3262

This stunningy original 3-litre Bentley has been a treasured possession of the present custodian - a respected professional restorer of fine vintage cars and motorcycles - for approximately sixty years.

The chassis of the car (frame, suspension, steering, motor and ancilliaries, drive train, wheels, brakes and axles) has been restored with a strong focus on originality, while the elegant Vanden Plas body, with its orignal aluminium panels and black-stained timber frame, awaits refinishing and retrimming.

All major parts are with the car including its hallmark radiator and bonnet, whose hinges are stamped with the chassis number.

Sadly the time has come to dispose of the vehicle and the family is intererested in finding it a good and suitable home. Expressions of interest are sought from parties interested in acquiring this extremely rare and original vehicle. All information regarding the disposal of car will supplied via this web page. Please respect the family's privacy and refrain from contacting them directly regarding the disposal of the car.

Details of the Expression of Interest process

A brief history of the car

Regarding the present status of the car

The images below show the car in its present condtion and state of assembly. Click on an image below for a high resolution view - return to this page with the back arrow of your browser.

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