1907 Daimler TL 30

1907 TL-30 Daimler

This car is now sold, thanks

Daimler, Coventry & London, Type T.L. 30 9½, Car No. 3948

Sleeping Beauty: a superb 1907 Daimler TL30, poppet valves, 4 cylinders (in pairs), 130mm bore, 150mm stroke, approx. 8 litres, motor free, exposed camshaft, chain drive, 9ft 6in wheelbase, dual ignition.

All major parts and many rare detail parts are present, including original self-generating headlamps, electric sidelamps, windscreen, pancake horn, running boards, a new set of gears for the gearbox, etc.

Warm up with a look at this almost identical, but 10.6 litre, car: http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/20143/lot/209/

or watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f-0g39Vav8

Large, rare and unobtainable.

Photographs of 3948 when acquired in 1971

Rear springing on 3948

We are interested in keeping this historic vehicle in Australia, but welcome serious enquires worldwide. We estimate that shipping to the UK, via an experienced exporter of quality cars, could be accomplished for about $A5,000 into bond. Additional import expenses at the buyer's cost.

For serious enquiries, contact Leon at sales@earlymotor.com

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