Douglas Model OB motorcycle c1924-5

c1924 Douglas OB motorcycle

This bike is now sold. Thanks.


Update: The bike is now fitted with a lovely restored P&H carbide lighting kit (headlamp, acetylene gas generator, tail light), and I have found a nice pair of correct Bowden levers to replace the more modern clutch and brake levers fitted in the photos.

The bike seems to be in excellent running condition. After a long slumber, I lubricated everything, pumped up the tyres and added fuel. The bike fired first kick and started on the second. Lovely idle (the AMAL carb probably helps - I can probably find an AMAC to suit if it matters), peppy performance, smooth clutch and gear change and comfortable ride. I didn't get to check the brakes.

If not sold beforehand, the bike will be at the Bendigo Swap Meet on November 15-16.

On offer is a c1924-5 Model OB Douglas in comfortable touring trim. The OB was the luxury sports/tourer of the Douglas range, its 600cc overhead valve flat twin motor delivering high performance solo touring or easy hauling of a sidecar. With one carburettor feeding the two cylinders - the Douglas racers of the time had twin carburettors - the OB was also docile and flexible if treated with a light hand.

When dirt track racing boomed in Australia, many OBs took to the track and the majority died with their sox on. As a result, an OB in largely catalogue trim is now quite a rare beast. The bike is an older restoration, but is thought to be in excellent running condition. It could be prettied up with some attention to the handlebar levers and fitting a period lighting set, or for the sports-oriented vintage motorcyclist it could be presented in sports trim by replacing the foot boards with foot rests and fittng sports bars. The OB was oftern used in this form in the 1920s.

Don't miss this opportunity to acquire this rare, ready-to-rally, mid-vintage touring motorcycle.

Frame Number HF835, Engine Number OE836X, Gearbox Number PG844

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