Contact information: motorcycles

There are a number of motorcycles in the collection: the complete bikes are pictured on the "for sale" page.

As a motorcycle becomes available, more photographs and information will be added to the page for that bike, so please don't jump with questions about bikes that are not yet available! Patience please.

Also please keep in mind that I am helping the family to try to find a new home for the bikes (and the cars) based on a 30+ year friendship with the current custodian: just at the moment he's not in a position to be intimately involved with the disposal process but I am. So bear with me: I'm not a professional car salesman, nor an expert on every make of motorcycle, but I'll do my best.

If you're interested in a bike, but not in a position to purchase it in the near future, please enjoy looking at the site but refrain from e-mailing.

If you are seriously interested in acquiring a particular bike, and would like information that is not provided on the website, drop me an e-mail at

If you decide to submit an expression of interest for a particular bike, please send it to and be sure to put the name of the bike (e.g. "TT Douglas") in the subject line so I can keep things relatively ordered.

I will do my best to acknowledge all e-mails.

Above all, could you please refrain from contacting the family directly about the cars or bikes: they will just refer you on to me anyway!

Leon Mitchell
2 May 2013

3 litre Bentley 1923

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