c1928 Norton Model 19 588cc and Goulding Sidecar

c1928 Norton Model 19 588cc and Goulding Sidecar

The Norton Outfit is now sold

Frame Number 28537, Engine Number 37393  79120, Gearbox Number HW 75688

The 588cc OHV Norton (not to be confused with the 633cc "Big Four" side valve) was listed in a number of guises from 1926 into the early 1930s. The example here is configured as a Model 19, which was basically the famed 490cc 79x100 Model 18 with the stroke extended to 120mm, from about 1928. Other 588 variants were the Model 24 (with four-speed cross-over gearbox) and the Model 44 (with dry sump motor).

The bike is fitted with an Australian-made Goulding sidecar of the period, with a shapely steel body.

The outfit was restored some years ago, and has successfully completed many vintage rallies. Initial problems with vibration from the motor (120mm is quite a long stroke!) were dealt with by careful balancing and fitting a stay between the cylinder head and the front down tube. While still firing the proverbial "every second lamppost" this 588 is a smooth running and good handling vintage outfit which retains its vintage charm.

Concessions to modernity are an upgraded Sturmey Archer heavyweight gearbox (believed to be of the same period as the bike) replacing the usual Sturmey Archer CS, a more robust front brake (I'm told Norton from the early 1930s?) and an AMAL rather than AMAC carburettor. For the perfectionist restorer there is scope to bring the bike up to catalogue specification; for riders here is a vintage outfit of the flat tank era ready to delight on country roads.

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