c1930 Dirt Track  Rudge racing motorcycle

Dirt Track Rudge motorcycle for sale

The Dirt Track Rudge is now sold.

Frame Number 190, Engine Number (none obvious)

Do we have a vintage dirt track enthusiast out there?

I must admit to being a little out of my depth with this one, but it is clear that we have here the makings of a particularly nice Rudge dirt tracker. At the end of the 1920s Rudge took over from Douglas as the dirt track machine of choice, and for a few years ruled the roost.

Although I am happy to discuss the bike with potential owners worldwide, it is a project that might best suit a knowledgeable local enthusiast - perhaps someone from Melbourne? The 'problem' is that the motor is currently devoid of internals, and although suitable parts no doubt exist amongst the parts in the collection (I have instructions as to which set of flywheels should live inside), time is needed to sort through and find the correct parts to complete this interesting machine.

If you are worried that you'll have no-one to race against, there is another basket-case Dirt Track Rudge that could be sold with this bike, or separately.

Vintage Dirt Trackers make yourselves known!

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The images below show the motorcycle in its present condition. Click on an image below for a high resolution view - return to this page with the back arrow of your browser.

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