c1912 Rudge motorcycle - single speed with clutch

1912 Rudge motorcycle for sale

This Rudge is now sold

Frame Number 602181, Engine Number 4921

Do not make the mistake of confusing a veteran Rudge with any other single cylinder belt drive veteran motorcycle. The inlet-over-exhaust motor, so successful at Brooklands and on the Isle of Man, is unusually powerful for the day particularly if it is allowed to rev a little. The front fork, with its enclosed central spring and one-piece forged shackles, is years ahead of its time and put the Rudge among the most comfortable and best handling veterans available. The rear brake (missing on this example) uses a clever linkage to present the brake shoe parallel to the belt rim, providing a brake that actually works, even in wet weather. Yes the veteran Rudge is a superior motorcycle. How do I know? I rode over 5,000 km on one...

This example is particularly rare in Australia as it features Rudge's own engine-shaft clutch, a marvellous affair with 50 or so small-diameter metal plates working under the influence of a single spring between the engine shaft and the pulley body. Pedal start on the rear stand, amaze your friends with the solid idle while the engine warms up, engage the clutch and roll the bike off the (automatic spring up) rear stand. Acknowledge the amazed assemble who haven't noticed the clutch before moving off from standstill in style. I reckon even an old bloke could do it!

There are a few parts to find or make for the bike, but most of the difficult parts are there (for example the pedalling gear, front and rear stands, Senspray carburettor and levers, pressed steel inverted levers, etc.). The bike comes with a complete 'donor' rear wheel which has a 40-hole rim to match the front and a suitable belt rim, both of which can be laced to the rear hub you make using the original bearings and flanges (sitting on the seat in the photos) and an appropriate piece of tube.

Fancy veteran motorcycling in style and comfort? Could be the machine for you...

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