1907 Triumph motorcycle

1907 Triumph motorcycle for sale

The Triumph is now sold

Frame Number 120918, Engine Number 2236  1 11 07

OK, I'll confess to cheating a bit here! The photo above and the first two photos below show the bike how is was before it was stripped for restoration a good number of years ago. Unfortunately the restoration didn't proceed, although some progress was made. So far as I can see, no (major) parts have been lost, so the photograph is a fair representation of the 'project' as it is today. Note that the rare 1907-pattern Brown and Barlow (B&B) rotating-barrel carburettor is present.

Some parts have been added: the bike now has a new tank, with a complete set of three control levers and ratchets (throttle, air and magneto); the Bosch DA2 magneto is complete (points block etc.); a casting (in steel) of the rod that clamps around the headstem and passes through the two fork springs (to be machined); two new fork springs - compression and rebound; some pedalling gear - chainwheel (although this looks to be BSA rather than Triumph) and new rear sprocket and freewheel. The wheels have been stripped for rebuilding and the hubs nickel plated.

An interesting feature of the bike is that it is fitted with a Lloyd Motor Co pulley (patent 19697/08 from 1908), in which the pulley flanges are held together with spring pressure. In the original implementation there was a long lever with a roller that was forced between the flanges to mover them apart, thus lowering the ratio, at least until the belt slipped. This pulley could be purchased and fitted to any mount, so can be treated as an interesting period accessory. The actuating lever is not present, but could be improvised.

Generally the parts are in good order. The exception is the cylinder barrel, which has some missing fins and some repairs around the base flange. In the process, the cylinder has lost its spigot which locates it in the mouth of the crank case. Never-the-less a excellent project for someone looking to rebuild an interesting early motorcycle.

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The first two images below show the motorcycle as it was before it was stripped for restoration. The next six show it in its present condition - guards, seat, carrier etc. are with the bike but not shown. The final (B&W) photo is of a similar machine in the period - courtesy Robert Saward. Click on an image below for a high resolution view - return to this page with the back arrow of your browser.

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