1919 Blue Bird specifications

So far as I am aware, this is the sole surviving Blue Bird motorcycle. Although its origin is unknown, the bike carries a Healing frame number, and is similar to many other - differently branded - Healing built bikes of the period. Healings were wholesalers in Victoria, so the bike may have been built to order for the maker of Blue Bird cycles? The bike was largely complete when it resurfaced in Geelong, Victoria in 1984, but small parts were missing.

Engine: 6hp JAP 50o V-twin, 770 cc
Lubrication: Best and Lloyd drip feed and hand pump, total loss
Ignition: Splitdorf magneto, chain driven
Carburettor: Brown & Barlow fitted
Transmission: Direct belt
Frame: Healing fittings. Druid Mark 2 fork
Wheels: Healing 26x3 beaded edge
Brakes: Single shoe acting on belt rim
Tanks: Combined petrol/oil, Edwards Brothers (EB), Melbourne
Builder: A. G. Healing, Melbourne
Original Finish: Frame black enamel. Tank with blue panels with Blue Bird in yellow script. Yellow pinstripes. Nickel wheel rims and hubs, handlebars etc.

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