Fabrique Nationale (F.N.)

I have a soft spot for FNs. I currently have two four-cylinder machines, plus the remains of a late 1906 model.

My 1910 FN has been owned by members of the Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle Club of South Australia since the 1950s. Originally "restored" by Wally Woollatt, the machine briefly passed though two more owners to Basil Mercer who owned and rallied the bike for 30 years. I acquired the machine from Basil in 1996.

1910 FN

The 1923 FN is a recent acquisition. When rescued by Jack Nelson in Melbourne many years ago, it had been considerably shortened and fitted with a Douglas motor. It has been returned to "full length", a suitable motor acquired and most parts gathered to make it a viable restoration project.

1923 FN

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