100 years of FN motorcycles

It's nice to invited to a party, but pretty sad when you can't go! My excuse may seem a little weak, just a matter of 20 or so hours on an aeroplane. So all you F.N. afficionados out there who are not too far from Belgium, make the effort to get along to the celebrations of 100 years of F.N. motorcycles.

Thanks to Jacques Maertens who sent in the flyer for the event. We'll have to get him to explain why the party is a little late, because by my reckoning FN made their first bikes well and truly in 1901. I don't have any sales literature from those earliest times, but let's guess that the little 1 1/4 h.p. machine was called a 1902 model.

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Contact details:

Veteran Moto Club Belge
Michel Bovy
Tel & Fax +32 (0)4.377.24.95
FN Retro-Moto
Jean-Luc Caramella
19 allee des Sorbiers
BE-4671 Housse
Tel: +32 (0)4.387.55.01

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