Help: early FN requires TLC...

We all take on pretty desperate cases (you only have to look at some of my "bikes" to see that I don't mind), but John Rettig has served himself a good one by accepting these remains from a friend. The machine is - or perhaps was! - a single cylinder, shaft-drive FN. The frame number (32943) dates the machine as 1910-11, the second year of production for the model. In addition to the bits shown here, John also has the tank. Missing of course is the motor and ancillaries, the clutch, 2-speed gear, pedalling gear, front fork, handlebars...Oh yes, and the back forks. At least what's there is in very nice order.

John Rettig's 1910-11 FN single

Funnily enough, at about the same time John was collecting his, I was given a similar frame. The good news is that mine is sufficiently ravaged by rust and hacksaw that I have no fantasies of building up a machine myself. Anyone who can help with bits can email me and I will forward messages on to John.

Copyright Leon Mitchell 1999

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