Norton specifications

As mentioned above, I am still a bit fuzzy on the finer specs of this Norton. Things will become clearer when I figure out whether it is a 1920 Model 16 or a 1921 17C, although the specifications of these must have been very similar.

Engine: 3 1/2 hp Norton, 79 mm x 100 mm, 490 cc
Lubrication: Best and Lloyd drip feed and hand pump, total loss
Ignition: CAV model 3U1, chain driven
Carburettor: Brown & Barlow
Transmission: Sturmey Archer CS 3-speed box, all chain. Hand change.
Frame: Norton 6" clearance, Druid fork
Wheels: 26 x 2 1/2" beaded edge. Enfield cush-drive hub at rear.
Brakes: Single shoe acting on belt rim at rear. Bowden stirrup front.
Tanks: "Big Four" style, 2 gallons petrol plus oil
Builder: Norton
Original Finish: Black enamel. Handlebars in black celluloid. Tank silver with black and red lining. Small parts and exhaust nickel plated.


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