Mr Moody meets Mr Walker

In 1934 the Rudge agents here in Adelaide, South Australia, were Lenroc's "The Proud Distributors". They must have been just a little prouder when their man Mr Moody met with racing legend Graham Walker, as recounted in the September 25, 1934 edition of The Advertiser.


While in England recently, Mr. Perc. Moody of Lenroc, Limited, was for a time the guest of Mr. Graham Walker, at his home at Enfield, Coventry. Mr. Walker is connected with the Rudge firm and has the longest record of any British rider. In spite of his 15 stone, he is still amongst the leaders and invariable rides a 250 model Rudge. His most recent success was in the 1934 lightweight T.T. race. His collection of 17 T.T. replicas and a host of cups and medals is eloquent testimony to his consistent success. Lenroc's have the loan of a T.T. replica from Mr. Walker, which is now in their windows. Latest Rudges are now here, and Lenroc's experts hail them as the finest yet in their class. Smooth silky speed is a feature. Two buyers this week have expressed the utmost satisfaction with this new Rudge.

I guess that the "replica" on loan was a trophy rather than a bike, but there are one or two very interesting racing Rudges here in Australia, suggesting that the factory took an interest in their racing profile out here. Of course the article was accompanied by a good-sized display advertisement:

Supreme 250 Rudge

The 1935 range was an interesting one, with all conceivable valve configurations on display. The 250 Tourist had two overhead valves, while all other models had four: the Sports 250 (full radial), the 500 Special (parallel inlets and exhausts) and the 500 Ulster (parallel inlets and radial exhausts).

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