Rudge specifications

Both the single speeder and the Multi are being rebuilt to 1914 specifications:

Engine: Single cylinder, 85mm x 88 mm, 499cc. Overhead inlet valve, side exhaust
Lubrication: Oil tank on seat tube, pump operated by right foot
Ignition: Ruthardt magneto, gear driven with vernier adjustment
Carburettor: Senspray
Transmission: Direct belt (single speed), Multi gear with engine-shaft clutch (Multi)
Frame: Simple diamond, Rudge enclosed-spring fork
Wheels: Rudge, with 650x65mm beaded edge tyres
Brakes: Single shoe acting on rear belt rim, stirrup on front rim
Tanks: Separate fuel and oil
Builder: Rudge Whitworth
Original Finish: Frame black enamel. Tanks silver with thick green stripes lined in black. Black celluloid on handlebars, levers, pedal arms and hubs. Small parts nickel plated.

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