Victor Blackburne specifications

So far as I am aware, there is only one surviving Victor Blackburne. Judging by the registration records, the majority of Victors c1920 were powered by 2 3/4 hp JAP singles but none of these are known to have survived.  The follow specifications relate to the survivor.

Engine: 8hp Blackburne 60o V-twin, 85 mm x 88 mm. Outside flywheel of unbelievable proportions
Lubrication: Best and Lloyd semi-automatic drip feed and hand pump, total loss
Ignition: Unknown magneto, chain driven
Carburettor: Unknown*. Early Brown & Barlow fitted when found
Transmission: Burman 3-speed heavyweight box, chain-cum-belt. Hand change.
Frame: Unknown fittings, Druid Mark 2 fork
Wheels: Unknown 26x3 beaded edge
Brakes: Single shoe acting on belt rim
Tanks: Combined petrol/oil
Builder: Presumed J. N. Taylor, Adelaide
Original Finish: Black enamel. Tank with green panels with Victor Blackburne in gold script. Red (?) pinstripe

*Taylors were agents for Senspray carburetttors, so one of these was possibly fitted originally. The B&B fitted when found seems many years too early to be the original, but with Australian motorcycles, anything is possible....

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