Buy, swap and sell

I am not a dealer, but there are always bits I am on the lookout for. I have some veteran and early vintage bits to swap.

Wanted: early motorcycle literature, particularly relating to Australian motor cycles, and Rudge, FN and Norton from the veteran era into the early 1920s. I have a few nice pieces for swap only, such as a veteran Iver Johnson book and a 1922 Coventry Victor catalogue.
Iver Johnson cover Coventry Victor cover

When I acquired the Victor Blackburne, a cylinder head had gone missing. Although I have come up with a single cylinder head which can be modified to fit, a genuine V-twin head would be nice. It can be recognised by its symmetric ports, and 85mm bore.

Blackburne cylinder head

I am also missing the cam followers from the motor: part numbers 785 and 786.

My Model 16/17C Norton is lacking a petrol tank. It is the same as the early Big Four, but different from the later 20s models which have a more gradual curve down to the seat post. Even a rusty tank suitable for a pattern would be useful.

Norton fuel tank


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