About copyright

Much of the material appearing on these pages is a result of my own (part time) research. While I do it for fun, please respect the effort I have put in. I claim copyright over all material on these pages, but if you wish to reproduce materials for non-profit use (such as club magazines etc.) you may do so, but could you please

  • Notify me by email about which material you are using, and where you are using it
  • Give credit to me as the author of the material
  • As appropriate, either quote the URL of this site, or provide a link to it

Thanks for your cooperation.

A number of the images I have used in these pages come from books and magazines which are now more than 50 years old. If I have inadvertently infringed copyright by reproducing any of these images, please notify me and I will remove them immediately.

There is some material on the site that was not authored by me. If you wish to reproduce any of these materials, please email me and I will pass your request on to the author.

Leon Mitchell
Adelaide, South Australia
November 1998


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