Links to vintage motorcycle photographs

The links on this page are a little different. Rather than linking to web sites, all point directly to chosen images in photographic archives held by libraries and museums. At present, I have linked to images from collections of the State Library of South Australia, Museum Victoria, the State Library of Victoria, the State Library of New South Wales and the Cambelltown City Library.

There is also fascinating stuff at more specialised sites, such as the the Motoring Picture Library (at the NMM, Beaulieu), the stunning early racing photos in the  George Eastman House collection (mostly cars, but so stunning you will lose yourself in them!), or the UK Science and Society Picture Library. Try searching their sites - and other museums and libraries around the world - for other fascinating images of early motorcycles. Note that very strict copyright conditions apply to all of these images.

To avoid getting too lost, click on a link below to view the photo, then use the "back" button on your browser to return to this page. If a photo appears without a caption, it can be found by going to the library site and searching their database for the photo. (In some cases I haven't been able to link directly to photos and their captions.)

Australian motorcycles

Ariel Cycle and Motor Works (the Australian one!)
Bullock c1902 (actually a re-badged Werner) and the Bullock car
Carrison c1909
Carrison c1909 (another view of the same machine - now looking "well-used")
JAP c1914 V twin
Lewis c1904 with Minerva clip-on motor
Lewis c1908 water-cooled and sidecar head-on view
Lewis c1908 water-cooled (enlarged - and reversed! - view from same image)
Lewis c1908 water-cooled solo
Lewis c1908 water-cooled and sidecar at Mt Gambier
Lewis c1910 water-cooled solo
Lewis c1913 Precision V twin outfit
Swastika c1920 JAP twin
Unidentified c1913 V twin

FN motorcycles

c1906 FN four cylinder at a race meeting (from Museum Victoria)
c1909 FN single cylinder (badged as a Speedwell) (from State Library NSW)
c1912 FN four cylinder (from State Library NSW)
c1913 FN single in the Australian Army (from Campbelltown City Library, NSW)

Norton motorcycles

c1921 Norton 17C (from State Library NSW)

Rudge Motorcycles

c1915 Rudge Multi (from State Library NSW)
c1912 Rudge single speed
c1912 Rudge "Brooklands"


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