Site specifications

This site is designed to be viewed at 800x600 resolution, but will work OK at 640x480.

The photos are best viewed in "true colour": I have tried to make them web friendly, but there are still some problems when viewed in 256 colours.

Browsers are changing all the time. I've tried the site on many versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer and on Macs, PCs and Unix workstations. It seems to work OK on most. The only problem that I know about is that on some very early browsers the headings don't show up. If you can read "site specifications" in white font on a green background at the top of this page you don't have this problem. Sorry if you do - maybe email me and I will try to fix it.

If you find the font size too small (Mac users in particular) you can increase the font size in your browser, under the "view" menu.

Please let me know of any major problems.

Leon Mitchell
Adelaide, South Australia
November 1998

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