c1904 Talbot Type 2K motor car at the Lewis Cycle and Motor Works

The first Talbots arrived at the Lewis Cycle and Motor works in September 1904.

Although the cars in the first shipment were 8 h.p. twins (the Type 2V), the second shipment of cars in late November 1904 included one 11 h.p. car. Although the 11 h.p. Type 2K Talbot looked outwardly similar to the 2V, the more powerful car used a larger version of the two cylinder Talbot motor and an all-steel channel section chassis. The underslung radiator was also somewhat larger.

In our photos, we get an excellent view of the front of the 2K in photograph 07 where it appears at front left. Continuing the theme of creative construction of photographs, the 2K appears again in the car wash scene in photograph 25, this time viewed from the rear, where we get an excellent look at the rear-entrance tonneau body. Notice the rests for the hood bows, even though no hood is fitted in the photo.

1904 Talbot 2K 9-11 h.p. motor car Likely 1904 Talbot 2K 9-11 h.p. motor car

The 11 h.p. car that arrived in November 1904 had an interesting existence. One of its early outings was in mid-December when Lewis works manager Tom O'Grady drove it in a Hill Climb, where is won its class. By the middle of 1905 its owner and his family had left for England, and a Lewis began advertising a "little used" 11 h.p. Talbot, presumably the same car. Whether this is the same car in our photos is not known; it is thought that Lewis imported at least one other Talbot of this type.

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