c1905 Talbot Type 4VB motor car

The first Talbot cars to arrive at the Lewis Cycle and Motor Works were two-cylinder cars, like the 1904 Talbot 2V and its bigger brother the Type 2K and the later Type 2-O. It was not until late September that Lewis began advertising, among their cars "in stock and arriving", "Clement Talbot cars of 8, 10, 12 and 16 h.p., two and four cylinders". We know from contemporary press articles that there were four cylinder Talbots on the road in South Australia by Christmas 1905; for example we read in early January 1906 of Mr. J. Harris's holiday visit to the seaside town of Port Victor (now Victor Harbor) in his 12/16 h.p. Clement Talbot. We are also told that Mr. Harris was awaiting his second Talbot (and 8 h.p. two cylinder, no doubt for around-town duties), and that he was to have a speedometer fitted to his 16 h.p. car.

Of the Talbot cars in the Lewis Album photos, the only one that looks to be a four cylinder car appears second from the left in photograph 07.  With the knowledge that the photos were carefully staged, it is difficult to comment on the state of the car at the time of the photo: was it in the showroom awaiting sale? perhaps borrowed from an owner for the occasion? or perhaps Mr. Harris's car left in the shop to have its new speedometer fitted?

Clement Talbot 4VB 12/16 h.p. motor car

Given the tubular front axle, low radiator, long wheelbase and plush upholstery, the car is likely a 12/16 h.p. Talbot 4VB of about 1905. A number of these cars were brought in by Lewis around this time, so in the absence of a registration number (not introduced until September 1906) we can only speculate on the owner.

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