Lewis ephemera

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A place for original mostly paper-based materials relating to Lewis motorcycles, bicycles and cars.

1900 Lewis Cycle Works: letterhead with note re bicycle tender

1900 Lewis Cycle Works: letterhead with request to use first motor car

1904-5 Lewis Cycles and Motors catalogue

1905 Lewis Cycles catalogue

1906 Lewis Cycle and Motor Works illustrated booklet

1906 Lewis Motor House post card

1908 Hill Climb Certificate: W. Courtney, Lewis

1909 Lewis Motors catalogue

1911 Lewis receipt

1912 Lewis Cycles catalogue

1913 About buying a motor car

1913 Vivian Lewis Limited letterhead

1914 Lewis Motor Cycles catalogue

c1916 Saxon Motor Car Catalogue, with Vivian Lewis Ltd stamp

1917 Vivian Lewis Limited letterhead

1919 Vivian Lewis Limited receipt: H.K. Scott

1921 Vivian Lewis Limited letterhead

1925-6 Lewis Oldsmobile Agents badge

1925-6 Lewis Oldsmobile Model 30 badge

1935 Vivian Lewis Limited letterhead

1936 Lewis Cycle Works Limited letterhead

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