Lewis Parking Station Limited: A brief history 1928 - 1958

By the end of 1925, Lewis Cycle Works Limited was well established and operating from the original Lewis building at 111 Gawler Place and a number of country branches. But according to the Sands & McDougall Directory for the new year, the buildings on Gawler Place South that had previously housed the Lewis factory were standing empty.

During the year some reorganisation took place and the southern part of the building, 186-188 Gawler Pace, was sold to Yellow Cabs (South Australia) Limited. By January 1927, Yellow Cabs had commissioned sixty-six fully imported cabs which were presumably housed and serviced in this building.

Lewis Parking Station advertisement, c1925?

From 1927, it seems that the building was divided, with Yellow Cabs (S.A.) Ltd occupying the southern half, while the northern half was used as a "parking station", which was I believe a euphemism for "motor garage". Listed in 1927 and 1928 directories as the Morris and Hogan Parking Station, from April 1928 until the early 1940s it was known as the Lewis Parking Station. The operating company, Lewis Parking Station Ltd, was established in 1928 as an essentially wholly-owned subsidiary of Lewis Cycle Works Limited. My understanding is that Vivian J. Lewis was responsible for the business activities of the Lewis Parking Station, but this remains a topic for future investigation.

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