Acknowledgments and the Lewis Project

A number of people have contributed to the project so far, and if we are successful in gathering more information I hope there will be more people to thank as we go along.

Much of the impetus for the project was the discovery of a complete set of photos showing the inner workings of the Lewis Cycle and Motor Works in the 1904 - 1906 period - The Lewis Album. The owner of the photographs would like to remain anonymous, but has kindly allowed us to reproduce the photos here. Many thanks!

Other contributors to the project to date are Peter Allen, George Brooks, Terry Parker, Rob Saward, Rob Elliott, David Vinall, Keith Bailey, Len Clarke, Doug Gordon, Terry and Sharon Cox, Dean Govan, Warren Hicks, Peter Lewis, Di Pyle, Peter, Iris and Arthur Mullins, Brian Forth, Leslie Jones, Alan Meredith, Stuart MacDonald, Norm Darwin, John Holden and Gary Smith.

Special thanks to the State Library of South Australia, who have kindly allowed me to use some of their marvellous collection of photographs on the site. Also to State Records of South Australia, the Adelaide City Council Archives, and the Unley Museum.

Leon Mitchell
Adelaide, South Australia
May 2010

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