George Brooks' Lewis Index

Motoring historian George Brooks has spent a lifetime researching early motoring in South Australia. When I began this project two years ago, George was kind enough to supply to me a hand-written, previously unpublished, list of references relating to Vivian Lewis and his companies that he had collected over his many years of research. In addition, he gave me permission to publish his list. Once I had typed it up, I found that it contained some 270 references, almost entirely pointing to articles, advertisements and photographs from the period South Australian press.

Since the index was first published here, in May 2007 as Version 1.0 with its 270 entries, it has continued to grow as I have uncovered and added new information. Version 2.0 of June 2008 contained 380 entries, and Version 4.0 870 entries.

As of this month, February 2010, the Lewis Index contains some 1047 entries, and has outgrown being listed here as an html table. Instead I have saved it as a PDF document, which should be easier to save, read or print. Although it now runs to 19 pages, the  document size is modest, only 127 kb, so please open it and have a look; it is packed with fabulous information from which the final Lewis story will be told.

George Brooks' Lewis Index Version 5.0, February 2010

Although George's original entries now form (numerically) only a fraction of the index, I'm pleased to continue to associate his name with the index: without his original list much of the story may have remained untold.

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