Copyright and the Lewis Project

The material that forms the core of the Lewis Project comes from a variety of sources. In particular photographs, catalogues and other ephemera are reproduced here with the kind permission of their owners. That said, all material on this site is copyright and should not be copied or reused without the express consent of the copyright holder.

Much of the material appearing on these pages is a result of my own (part time) research. While I do it for fun, please respect the effort I have put in. If you wish to reproduce materials for non-profit use (such as club magazines etc.) you may do so, provided you:

  • Notify me by email about which material you are using, and where you are using it
  • Give credit to me as the author of the material
  • As appropriate, either quote the URL of this site, or provide a link to it

Thanks for your cooperation.

Leon Mitchell
Adelaide, South Australia
May 2007

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