Vivian Lewis Limited, Oldsmobile Cars, Waymouth Street, Adelaide

The Vivian Lewis Limited tenancy at 86 - 88 Waymouth Street, Adelaide was brief indeed. The move from Gawler Place South took place in June 1925, but little more than a year later - in November 1926 -  the Motor House was on the move again to its final location on Franklin Street.

This photograph of the Waymouth Street incarnation of the Vivian Lewis Limited comes from the State Library of South Australia's collection and is dated 19th August 1925. Note that by this stage the primary focus of the business was on importing, selling and servicing Oldsmobile cars, but in a nice link with the past the directory entry still referred to the building as "the motor house".

This building had an interesting link with the wheeled past, having been previously occupied by Cox and Witherick's Coach Builders (see B 1315 in the State Library collection). The Tolley's building on the right of the photograph is still standing, but the Lewis building - like all of its predecessors in Adelaide - has gone.

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