Vivian Lewis Limited, Burra

Although we don't yet have a photograph or details of the Vivian Lewis Ltd operations in Burra, we do have evidence that a depot did operate there for the period between late September 1910 - when Vivian Lewis Limited purchased the business of Mr. W.J. Richards - and (at least) 1917.

This receipt was located in an antique shop in Burra in the 1990s. Interestingly Burra is not listed among the locations printed on the receipt itself, but only by way of the rubber stamp. At the date of the receipt, the Lewis business at Burra was less than eight months old.

1911receipt.jpg (56806 bytes)

The press of the day reported that the Lewis buildings were being extended in May 1913, and that these works were finalised by October. Beyond that, little is known at this stage.

Can you help with more information on the Burra depot? An address, an old photo, a faded sign on a surviving building, a recollection... please email me if you can add to the Lewis story in country South Australia.

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