The southern block: Victoria Square, Molton Street and Gawler Place South

In the second half of 1904, Lewis shifted the focus of their growing motor business from the McHenry Street factory to their new Motor House on Victoria Square. Shortly afterwards, a new motor works was established on Molton Street, immediately behind the Motor House.

In this c1910 view from the Post Office Tower (once again from the collection of the State Library of South Australia) we get a rather nice view of the three key Lewis locations at the southern end of town.

  1. The Motor House (September 1904 - January 1910) nestles between the Government Offices and the three-storey Mercantile Chambers

  2. The Molton Street works (c1905 - c1919) is across Molton Street from the back of the Motor House

  3. The Lewis buildings on Gawler Place South (1910 - 1925) are just a stone's throw (or a short walk along Victoria Place and Bray St) away.

Although we have located an interesting block plan of this part of Adelaide (similar to the one that so clearly shows the northern block), there is a problem. As a working document, it has been continuously modified. As the buildings in the foreground were demolished to make way for office towers in the 1960s the outlines of the new buildings have been carefully pasted over the old, and so important detail of the Molton Street area is concealed. Experiments with very bright lights are continuing...

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