Vivian Lewis Limited, Unley 1919 - 1923?

The Unley branch of Vivian Lewis Limited arrived late in the Lewis motor age: the first reference we have so far is in 1919.  Unley is only a few kilometres south of the city of Adelaide and the Gawler Place South home of the Lewis, so the Unley branch differs from the other contemporary branches that were scattered far and wide across the state.

The address was 157 Unley Rd, New Parkside. From a surviving photograph in the State Library of South Australia (PRG 280/1/28/75) we see that the branch was a rather modest single storey structure, on the western side of Unley Road one door south of the Frederick Street corner. Signage on the facade reads "Lewis Cycles and Motorcycles", so no doubt customers seeking motor cars were directed to Gawler Place.

The last directory listing was in 1923 and there is no mention of the Unley branch when Lewis Cycle Works Limited was formed in mid 1924, so it is likely that Lewis were present on Unley Road for only four or five years. The building is no longer standing.

Please email me if you can add to this scant view of the Unley branch.

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