People at the Lewis Cycle and Motor Works

Employess at Vivian Lewis Limited, date unknown but c1912?

When researching a early manufacturer of vehicles like the Lewis Cycle and Motor Works, it is relatively easy to unravel the specification of the machines and the details of the factory and showrooms, but much more difficult to get a handle on the people involved with the business.

When the fist Lewis car was commissioned in 1900, a photograph of the assembled employees showed 22 people. By 1908 the Adelaide workforce had risen to 70, so it is not unreasonable to guess that it may have exceeded 100 when activities at the Gawler Place South premises were in full swing before the outbreak of the Great War. Ideally (but unrealistically) I would like to know something about each person who worked at Lewis, but for the moment please excuse the limited information that is listed here. Please contribute if you can!



Lewis "Riders of Renown":

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