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Sepolette's Tricycle is an e-zine (just a fancy way of saying electronically-distributed magazine) that focuses on early motoring in Australia and New Zealand. Motor cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles - you name it we'll talk about it provided we're in the 'early' period, mostly before the first war.

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Serpolette's Tricycle, Number 1, May 2012
No. 1, May 2012 (2.04Mb)
Contents: Pre-1900 Peugeot cars, Quirk's Mona, 4-cyl Gladiator, Charles Mayman Story Part 1, Eaglehawk, mystery cyclecar, James Flood Itala, technicalities

Serpolette's Tricycle, Number 2, June 2012
No. 2, June 2012 (2.84Mb)
Contents: 1909 Semmering Mercedes, Jack Stuart White and his 3-cyl Vauxhall, Jack Nesbit and his racing motorcycles, 4-cyl 1902 Zealandia, 4-cyl Decauville,  mystery car, Eyes and Crowle de Dion Bouton

Serpolette's Tricycle, Number 3, July 2012
No. 3, July 2012 (3.1Mb)
Contents: Semmering Mercedes Part 2, Australian Brooklands motorcycle, Charles Mayman Story Part 2, De Dion Bouton voiturette, 1910 Daimler landaulette

Serpolette's Tricycle, Number 4, August 2012
No. 4, August 2012 (3.1Mb)
Contents: Pre-1905 American motorcycles, Pennington bus for the goldfields, Shipping records, Darracq in NZ, Women motorists, Bedelia cyclecar

Serpolette's Tricycle, Number 5, September 2012
No. 5, September 2012 (2.9 Mb)
Contents: Darracqs in New Zealand, Sutherland motorcycle, Mark Foy's Panhard, Sidney Kidman in the outback, Women motorists, Eley steam car

Serpolette's Tricycle, Number 6, December 2012
No. 6, December 2012 (3.9 Mb)
Contents: Charley Mayman's motorcycles, 1901 Winton mail van, Motor tricycles in Australia, 1913 six-cylinder Sunbeam, Duncan & Fraser 1911 Model T Ford

Serpolette's Tricycle, Number 7, December 2012
No. 7, February 2013 (2.7 Mb)
Contents: 80 h.p. Napier Gordon-Bennett racer, 1903 Lepape Bichrone motorcycle, Mark Foy in the high country, Andrew Nash - first of the first 18376, Cooper and Price, NZ, motor body builders

Mlle Serpolette on her motor tricycle
All you ever wanted to know about la deliceuse Mlle Serpolette

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